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Power points dependant on a river shape in sufi medicine







Power points dependant on a river shape in sufi medicine

Author: Sheikh Nursafardiy

Date of allocation: 2009-08-17

Nursafardiyya teaching is described as a science of completion - fourteen river shaped sea shapes, in Sufi philosophy. One of its 33 hidden sciences is used in Sufi medicine also. As this teaching states, there are fourteen inner power centers on the body of a man. These centers are able to collect positive and negative information in them, keep it and use it when necessary in practice.

A person is such a complicated mechanism, which lets us know that its psychological, physiological and inner possibilities are endless.

Sufi medicine leads its healing practice and curing methods depending on stated above power systems, given that the complete person is examined and learned thoroughly.

The placement of these power centers on the body of a person is implemented by the process closely interconnected with 14 river shapes of the Holy Koran.

It is known that in The Koran, which is a Holy book, there are 29 suras (verses) starting with group of exact given letters, or the river shapes. If these letters are separated, the following 14 river shapes will be formed:

1) Alif Lom Mim

2) Alif Lom Ro

3) Alif Lom Mim Ro

4) Alif Lom Mim Sod

5) To Hho

6) To Sin

7) To Sin Mim

8) Ho Mim

9) Ho Mim Ayn Sin Qof

10) Yo Sin

11) Kof Ho Yo Ayn Sod

12) Qof

13) Sod

14) Nun



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