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Nursafardiyya essence







Nursafardiyya essence

Author: Sheikh Nursafardiy

Date of allocation: 2009-08-12

Since the creation of this world, before any kind of religion was formed, there was a divine strength in this world. The reason for this world to be created, is tightly connected to the will and wish of Allah, the Owner of Power and Strength. If we look at this world using the theory of science and development, we will be fascinated by this miracle of Allah. Of course all great galaxies, huge planets and the earth, the so called source of life, did not come into existence just by themselves. There is one single and the power which manages and holds them in balance. And the source of this complete strength, is the power of Allah.

The source of the religious knowledge consists of finding the strength in Allah. And this is recognized in the communication of a spiritual director who passed the road of a given religion, spiritual perfection, enlightenment, trueness with dignity, in his communication with Allah. We can examine a given point of the religious knowledge mainly through a person imbued with the circle of the Laduniy theology. In other words, the owner of the knowledge who moved from materialism to substance, can show divine miracles depending on the level of his attainments.

The Nursafardiyya teachings associate this transmission process with the one and only route of divinity - Zikr (remembrance). Remembrance, or Zikr, means remembering Allah with full awareness, intimate thought, uniting all the thinking and focusing on Allah, Subhanahu wa Taallah. Searching the strength in Him and simultaneously creating an immune system – a stronghold around oneself, and being able to withstand, if necessary, any negative powers with a given strength.

* * * *

To be an owner of a vast knowledge, to write books, to speak correctly is only one side of the coin. The main point lies in practice. Any thought, philosophy, if it is not practiced, is only nonsense, not more. We see so many clever and knowing people who are lost in life and their life itself goes astray, what makes them lose their hope and themselves. They fall down and, looking at such people we think that in life, in society, in family, we need practice and only practice. This is the only decision which comes to our minds. The practice is a sign of non stopping and a road to perfection.

I myself traveled the world looking for a divine knowledge. And I took the wise men of the path of spiritual perfection as my teachers. I did not only learn their magical inventions, but also tried to use and implement them into life using my own thoughts. I worked out some methods of implementation, which represent the “Fourteen steps towards perfection”.



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