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Behavior in Nursafardiyya







Behavior in Nursafardiyya

Author: Sheikh Nursafardiy

Date of allocation: 2009-08-13

It is known that the works, which were left by the great saints who lived in the historical world of mysticism, are eternal and of a great importance for the development of the thought of humanity. The meaning of the words used in those works is quite complicated and difficult to understand for a simple reader. But those who lived during the times when these works were written could easily understand them. The difference between the historical and modern speech and language is quite great. Though the practical program of Nursafardiyya teaching are comparatively difficult, it explains and illustrates its spiritual ideas using theoretically modest, simple and modern language. As the modest language quickly affects the readers' mind and it becomes easier to understand. As the science of mysticism was silent for so many centuries, its great and deep ideas are totally new for our people. The mysticism is a very complicated creation. If it is not entered into step by step, the purpose will not be achieved. With the will of Allah, we are also the ones who are following the paths of great teachings, inshallah.

* * * *

Oh son, my advice to you consists of these words, feel how much you owe to the God in each of your breaths. Once you are born, and realize yourself don't regret the fact that this world consists of problems and troubles. As this state is the will of Allah, this place is the field of trial. Once you have got its essence, start worrying, don't waste your time and catch the faith. Know that yesterday will not come back today, and the present time will not return tomorrow. Being close remember the farthest. Don't let your desires curtain up your view. Know that the distance is seen through the eye of eternity. Give some power to the faith to open the light of your soul. Never entrust your clear belief, which will lead you to the blooming places, into the hands of Satan. Feel eagerness for those places. Where is the end of this path? The end of the life is the death and don't forget that every second our flesh is becoming closer to it. Only Allah knows how much you will live. And with this reason keep the key of eternity, which is called death, closer to you. The eternity might offer its door lock whenever it wishes to, whenever is the proper time, and you will have to open it. You should wish to open the door of eternity using your sinew, desire and will with the key of prosperity. The Death is right. Thus prosperous death provides eternity in both of the worlds, this one and the next one. Oh son! To choose our perfect teaching, you have to listen to the command of your conscience, enter through the doors of Faith, study in the room of Shariah and willingly hold the Patience close to you. It is totally up to the faith and belief of a person what path he will choose. While some people put their choice for the worldly joy and desires, others wish for the eternal life and prepare for it, lighting up the fire of the knowledge. Know that there are two different angels hidden on your shoulders. As your left shoulder will lead you to the joy which is ending. Your right shoulder leads you to the prosperity of eternal world. Warn you, the desires of left shoulder are like an optical illusion; the deeds of your right shoulder are eternal. Alas, clever creatures more often become friendly with the left enemy. As its beauty is very striking and they don't notice the emptiness inside it. They search for the meaning in this beauty. They await for mercy from the ruthless world. They unearth it as they dig the well. But this state is nothing more than digging a grave for oneself. The deeper you dig in order to find salvation, the more difficult it becomes to come out. Right shoulder and its deeds might seem bitter, but the seed inside it is a real happiness. The deed which is difficult at the start is full of excitement at the end. At the beginning, people lack of patience for the difficulties. Patience makes you tired from outside, but in reality it collects the power for the end. Once you decided to be a scholar, I, Nursafardiy, am responsible for your perfection, development and becoming complete. I wish you patience and willpower while blooming in the palace of our teaching.



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