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Sufism in the eyes of Nursafardiyya







Sufism in the eyes of Nursafardiyya

Author: Sheikh Nursafardiy

Date of allocation: 2009-08-13

The world of Sufism was sort of stamped during so many centuries. First reason for that is the internal disagreements and fights, and the second one is the national mentality of people (mentality is a set of national customs and traditions, superstitions, the level of the information analysis, the level of breeding, the width of the point of view, in general it is the cultural-material-economical (life style) or a set of knowledge). In reality Sufism has never faded away. It lived in this world, and at the same time it lived out the borders of the world surrounding us – novobasta az jahoni moddiy – out of the material world with no visual connection to it. During any regime it was hidden but active. Because Sufis expressed their love for God being alone and using zikr (spiritual movements mixed with prayers) or other deeds like fasting, keeping away from the worldly enjoyable things, and no one would notice it. And only Sufis were dedicated to this. Actually Sufism is the world of silence; it has nothing to do with the tiny things of the world. A Sufi is a holder of clear soul, being a saint is the core meaning of this word. In the near past Sufism would be seen in some single cases, as we mentioned earlier with the influence of inner or outer powers, the creation of a teaching has lost its essence during the centuries. The land Uzbekistan is the land of divine saints. It is a precious place which was chosen by God. So, even though the centuries pass, great traditions will never change. Sufism which was moving from blood to blood in our hearts, has formed as a true path, a teaching. This is the teaching of perfection, Nursafardiyya Teaching. The world of Sufism was not created just yesterday, and the teaching does not need any special basements. Its roots go back into the centuries. So, this happens only with the desire of the Only One.

What is the goal of a teaching? The teaching is the Path, or road. This path, leading us to the beauty of God is free from all the dirt of this world. Sufism also has different directions, looks; in general it is an endless source. Some Sufis in the past used to live in a complete loneliness, turning away from the world, while some other Sufis used to remember the God and at the same time serve the people. A bright example is the teaching of Naqshbandiya, where the main and the most important measures was: «Dil ba yoru, dast ba kor». Where: Yor (Friend) is God, and it says «Keep your heart and soul together with God». What is Dast? Dast means hand; it gives the meaning «keep your hand together with work». In our days, the type of a lonely Sufi, who has turned away from this world, almost does not exist. The Sufi teaching - Nursafardiyya, means to be God fearing on the way of God, and to be people loving on the way of serving people. This teaching served as a basis, which is seen as a great awakening of long slept Sufism, as well as creation of a golden teaching. This way is the way of the Creator. So if the teaching of Nursafardiyya chooses the most acceptable ways of reaching God, clear deeds on the way of God, if it seeks the power only from Him, it means that this is the true school of perfection and kindness. Here we would like to stop a bit on a new teaching and take a look back into the history.



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