The history of Qatron


As shown by scientists, the deepest roots of progress and development go back to the territory of what is now called Uzbekistan. This was proven by many treasures found in this land by archaeologists. Among them are the bones of the oldest person, found in the ossary in Obirahmat. Interest in the cultural heritage and in the history of our land is still growing, and now scientists of other countries are also taking part. So we can surely say that our land not only played a role in global progress and development but provided the basis for it and is its cradle.

Why has this very place become one of the centres of development? The reason for this lies in its soil which is as luxuriant and sacred as gold and above all is watched by Allah. Furthermore, our ancestors were a holy, clear and clean people watched by Allah.

Avesta, a book written some thousand years ago, contains a complete set of the steps that lead to soul and body perfection. This book is accepted by the whole world as a holy book.

Most of us still do not know that in Asia, mainly in China, Buddhism was developed by our fellow country men from Samarkand and Karshi. And if we look at the history of Central Asia, mainly at the territory of modern Uzbekistan, the development of science, culture, and spirituality, makes us believe that it is one of Allah’s miracles. Let us look closer at why this miracle happened in the territory of our land. One reason is that the social changes in the middle ages helpedour ancestors to improve the economic and cultural connections with other countries. And also handicraft and cultural centres, which already existed in our land, started to develop rapidly.

Our ancestors, mainly Saks and Turki, had different religions like Fire-worshipping, Buddhism, Christianity, Shamanism and so on. These different religions developed in our country for different reasons: some as a result of the king’s personal wish, some due to specially and carefully instructed missionaries sent to our land, and some due to wars. Of course, these quick changes of various religions made their own impact on the consciousness of our ancestors.

In ancient Horezm in the territory laid between two rivers, the development of art, especially music, caused the invention of different musical instruments. This is considered to be an invaluable wealth of our ancestors. Nowadays, as our great musicians think, the sound of our musical instruments cannot be put on one note. This music relates to national perception, it is so touchy and strong that people of other nationalities just feel drawn to these sounds and want to hear them over and over again. Especially instruments like tanbur, nay, ud, dutor, kobuz make such a sound that your heart trembles and it seems that your body becomes one with the universe. You feel that your eyes fill with tears. Allah made our brains to consist of so many little cells, and they compile and make up our consciousness. If we consider the capacity of our brains as 100 per cent, a simple person uses only 3 per cent during his whole life. Some scientists and poets may use about 5-7 per cent of their brains, and selected ones can use about 9 per cent. The rest of our brain cells go with us to the grave. This is what modern scientists say. We can consider our national music as something which makes our brain cells work, which sharpens them. And at the same time, this music sharpens the memory of a person. But let us look at some other means which have the same impact on our brains. It is known from history that our land was famous for its beautiful nature, rich lands, invaluable treasures. For this reason many leaders of neighbouring and remote countries used to attack us, so that in some periods of time, our land was just an everlasting battle area. One example is the attack of the army of a Greek Makedonian, Alexander Makedonskiy, in the III century B.C., but he was repelled by a small number of Spitamen warriorsThere are many of such examples. The art of battle also makes our mind work. Those who learn this art, learn to compile their thoughts into one, to increase their internal power, to bring it to the peak of their thinking, to be vigilant and cunning. One who has learned this martial art, starts to produce a strong energetic power out of himself. If we look into history, warriorscoming from our land, carefully wielded such battle styles like look and kick (qarab-tep), thousand warriors (ming askar), hand battle (qo'l jangi), so they could overcome enemies armed to the teeth without any weapons. Modern eastern single combats known as karate, ju-do, taekwan-do and others were learned from our ancestors. This shows that martial art also makes the cells of our brains work.

Another source was the acceptance of Islam in our country and its spreading. Our ancestors used to believe that every living thing on earth has its own master, who is in the sky. So, for years they already used to believe in God, and this is why Islam was easily accepted by them, as their understanding of God was similar to the one in Islam. Once Islam was accepted, during the IX - XV century, our land started to produce great scientists, thinkers and poets, who have astonished the world. And even now they continue to do so. The wise and active people at that time who understood that Islam was a true religion started to use new concepts of education and teaching. They strongly held to the teachings of Islam in the family and in society as well. They also started to learn and study the Koran. It is known that scientists, poets, warriors and thinkers who were born during that time, used to learn the Koran by heart when they were only 5, 7, 9 years old. They used to teach religious knowledge simultaneously with worldly knowledge. Imagine you are in the masjid (the mosque) or you hear a Sura (a chapter from the Koran) in the radio or on the television. You listen how it is read with elocution, and you suddenly start to be touched by the sound. Your body starts trembling, your mind comes to one point, one place, and your eyes start watering as you get touched by the sound. And if you read some suras by yourself, you get touched even more. During those times, as it was mentioned above, general education included music and martial art (special exercises). This had a positive influence on the many-sided educational process of a young person. And such young people became the philosophers, scientists, poets, warriors, governors known to the world.



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