Nursafardiyya Essence


In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

What is the religious knowledge?

The religious knowledge can be seen in the face of sheikhs and scientists, (Pir va Murshid) who achieved their highest level in the knowledge of Laduniy.

This knowledge is given by Allah subhanaka va taallah to the person Healone considers as the one who deserves His blessing.

Who are the people who are worthy of Allah’s blessings?

Those who are truthful for the sake of God, who despise this unsteady world (dunya), and those who have caught their faith strongly, the faith which will enlighten their face in front of Allah on Judgement Day, those who endured all the trials of this test with dignity and looked for the hardships with the burning love for the Almighty.

Inshallah, such people are there, meaning the carriers of the Erfon knowledge, who truly believe that thousands of the worlds are continuously moderate in their hanging position, thanks to the strength of Allah, and they praise Allah’s divine miracle.

Since the creation of this world, before any kind of religion was formed, there was a divine strength in this world. The reason for this world to be created is tightly connected to the will and wish of Allah, the Owner of Power and Strength. If we look at this world using the theory of science and development, we will be fascinated by this miracle of Allah. Of course all great galaxies, huge planets and the earth, the so called source of life, did not come into existence just by themselves. There is one single power which manages and holds them in balance. And the source of this complete strength is the power of Allah.

Subhanaka va Taallah, the Merciful one, gave to His creatures Adam and Eve (Odam ato and Momo havo) – people, as the ones who deserve to be in Paradise, and favoured as the first owners of intellect – an everlasting piece of mind. But alas, those ancestors of ours tried the forbidden fruit, felt the desire and were turned out of this evergreen garden. And since then, humanity is torn between sin and the good. And since then, people are toiling along the path of the ending life and the owners of the sense are spending their life searching for divinity and receiving the benediction of Allah, and those who are walking in the path of sin still cannot find themselves in the garden of piety and are depriving themselves from the great bounties.

The source of the religious knowledge consists of finding the strength in Allah. And this is recognized in the communication of a spiritual director who passed the road of a given religion, spiritual perfection, enlightenment, trueness with dignity in his communication with Allah. We can examine a given point of the religious knowledge mainly through a person imbued with the circle of the Laduniy theology. In other words, the owner of the knowledge who moved from materialism to substance can show divine miracles depending on the level of his attainments.

Well, how is it possible for the person to renounce the material world for the real substance?

The Nursafardiyya teachings associate this transmission process with the one and only route of divinity - Zikr (remembrance). Remembrance, or Zikr, means remembering Allah with full awareness, intimate thought, uniting all the thinking and focusing on Allah, Subhanahu wa Taallah. Searching the strength in Him and simultaneously creating an immune system – a stronghold around oneself, and being able to withstand, if necessary, any negative powers with a given strength.

It is obvious that receiving Allah’s mercy and storing it into one's being is quite a difficult task. To do so, one’s faith should understand the shariah (the islamic law), his knowledge should see the path of spiritual perfection, his thoughts should see the enlightenment, and his power should understand the truth.

A person who has realized that the time to gather religious knowledge has come first of all forgets his pride and vanity and takes a look at the historical sciences. Modern sources of beliefs have an opportunity to catch the religious knowledge by basing it on historical knowledge. It is known from literature that already many centuries ago, our great ancestors got their strength from the divine world and had a mysterious connection with Allah, Subhanaka wa Taallah. The heritage of our great ancestors, which compiles the routes of historical knowledge, meaning the highest type of the religious knowledge, started to be seen mainly in Sufi teachings.

What is Sufism?

A Sufi is a courageous person walking on the path of God, the path of Truth, with belief and inner determination. The level of his knowledge of God is far above the possibility of human thinking. This kind of person will never feel fear in front of any difficulties on the way of Allah. He will put his welfare under pressure and finds pleasure in it. He is the real lover of the Creator.

Sufism was looked upon from different points of view during different times. During some times, Sufis were held in high respect and honored, during other times, their divine understanding and wisdom were wrongly interpreted and they were victimized and put to death. It is wrong to look at Sufis from one point of view only. Morally, they dedicate everything to Allah, physically they spend all their force to do good deeds. It is known that for some time the historical religious knowledge was forgotten and for a young generation understanding the Sufism’s thinking was difficult. But for the generation who learns the essence of this understanding, Sufis will undoubtedly be seen as a real miracle of Allah, Inshallah.

The Nursafadiyya path of spiritual perfection is the real world of Sufism.

This path contains the essence of Sufism, its main points and the ways of creating a practice based on historical religious knowledge to be implemented into life. This will be seen in the transfer of the religious and scientific knowledge.

First, a person must be called to freedom and to doing good deeds. A spiritually free person will join with good deeds under the influence of the positive power. This state will automatically open the doors of belief and focus on the only root of thought – Allah. But the distance between Allah and His people is very big. The one who has recognized the only God with the theory of knowledge, always eagerly rushes towards Him till the time of his death.

What is death?

The death is only a door between this world and eternity. The world has one way, eternity has two. This world is the trial ground. One way leads to paradise, the other to hell. A person who passed thru the door of death must use one of the two ways depending on his life on earth: good deeds lead to Paradise, sins to hell. Acquire your faith. Finding strength in Allah, merging with Him is the paradise of paradise. On this way, one should suffer some difficulties and give up some pleasures of the world.

A person can not enter the world of divinity without historical knowledge. A goal of Nursafardiyya teachings is to study the knowledge of respected Saints; by this way one creates religious practice and implements it to life, to grow a young and physically strong generation with healthy thinking and sober soul and complete and true human beings.

A person who has no interest in science is an empty dish. If a dish is of no use to you, why keep it? You just dip it into the spring of knowledge. For example, if you dip a cup into the water, you at least are able to see your own reflection. See if you are beautiful. So, fill your “empty dish” with some knowledge and you will be able to see your real self, to know the world, to separate a good deed from sin and most importantly to be able to walk on the way of the All knowing Allah and become a truly complete person. And this is the power of knowledge and science. This is step one.

Step two leads us to the implementation of the learned knowledge into life. The owner of the divine power, is a real miracle worker. This is not only a sign of perfection, but this is perfection itself.

Historically, the divine science is much older than we are. As some people reached the level of holiness using this knowledge, representatives of new generations grew numb looking at their miracles. During their lives, they used miracles to convince other people of the existence of the One Allah, meaning that people holding the knowledge were on their own level. And at the same time, such Saints remained in history and attained incomparable mercy of Allah.

The most important thing is that at present times there are some people who hold the historical divine wisdom in their hearts and minds and find the strength with the help of Allah in him. Ignoring the science they created, only contenting ourselves with the historical science, holds back the development of mankind and causes the loss of the divine knowledge.

A question arises:

How did the historical Saints or today’s wise people come to divine strength or power?

Historical Saints first of all developed their own program based on the divine power knowledge given to them by Allah. Mainly, it is the road of good deeds and divinity which is full of ordeals. Of course, not everyone is able to pass this road. The fruit of these severe trials is to connect automatically to the power of Allah.

As our main points show, there are eight different ways of reaching the Holy power. These eight ways are theoretical and Laduniy scientific views. In practice, this method is called “14 steps towards perfection”, which implements the theory of Sufism into life and it into practice. We will touch upon this topic later.

The entrance into the world of Laduniy science first of all depends on the will of God. This knowledge is called the Holy science or the knowledge which is given by Allah. Actually, it is possible to reach the Holy science without any special lessons or studying. Allah Himself will grant the divine power to His beloved people. Of course far not every one deserves this kind of a chance.

It was mentioned that the essence of the teaching consisted of eight main ways. How do these ways look?

When a child is born, it is very clear, free of all worldly dirt. As it grows older, no matter if we want it or not, it will face different problems. The ways it chooses mainly depends on the way it was brought up in the family. As it becomes more and more clever, it will start inventing the world for itself.

The following are the eight buttresses:

Being and understanding the essence

The Being already exists for ages. Even though the life of a human is quite short, any person is deeply connected with this Being. Allah has created this Being as a battle and trial area. He gave senses and intellect. This world is called a perishable one, but during this short given time people, especially the owners of knowledge, manage to separate into two groups.

- Type number one – they see the world using their eyes. These ignorant people moved away from the One, forgot the prayers, used what belongs to others to get richer, hurt and harmed others, moved farther from the compassion and sympathy, forgot what the good deeds were, dedicated themselves to this world and forgot the next one.

- Type number two – they see the world using the eyes of their soul. They are generous, kind and they always lead in divine, religious services. The ones who see the world with the eyes of the soul, understand the essence of this world and find themselves. They see this world as a perishable moment in time and prepare for the next life.

The essence of our view: To open the eyes of the soul, to find and understand ourselves, to serve the Merciful, to remember that we are His creatures and live for the truth on the way of Allah. This is an advice and depends on the conscience of every person to take it or not.

Conscience and purity

Conscience and purity are the sources of good deeds. A person who is on the way of finding himself asks himself questions like “Who am I? What is this world? What does it consist of? If this life is not forever, then what is at the end? What is expected from me on the battle and trial arena of life? If doing something that is forbidden by Allah is a sin, then I should choose another way, the way of good deeds!”.

One listens to one’s own heart asking oneself such questions. This is the will of conscience. And through the conscience, one enters the world of purity. This path is the doorstep to perfect bliss.

The essence of our view: To develop the growth of thinking, the well upbringing and the motivation to be a perfect person. This is an advice and of course it depends on the faith of every person to take it or not.

Faith, belief – Shariah (a set of religious rules)

There are given rules of Shariah in the religion of Islam and every muslim who is eager to be in Paradise follows these rules without fault. If a person is on the way of Shariah and does not have faith in what he is doing, in his fast, (Ramadan), in his prayers (Namaz), in his charity (Zakah), in his pilgrimage (Hadj) or in any other good deeds, he will not be accepted. If the column of faith is Shariah, its base is belief and conviction. There is no faith without belief and there is no way to step on the path of Shariah without conviction.

The essence of our view: To respect the Shariah, to honor muslims, to serve those who are in search of perfection. This is an advice and of course it depends on the tolerance of every person to take it or not.

Difficulties and tolerance

If you look at a garden full of flowers, you will find some of them facing the sky. The same do those people who have already passed the way of Shariah with dignity, attained tolerance and moved to the path of spiritual perfection. To take the first step on this path one should stand some difficulties and hardships and try bitter fruit of endurance and patience.

What are the trials and hardships?

- it means to do greater, bigger services as the ones mentioned in Shariah.

What is tolerance?

- it means to repudiate, to give up the itch for something as well as the pride and vanity. A person who is on the way of difficulties and tolerance loses his interest for worldly things. He starts missing the meeting with Allah. This is a sign of a real love.

The essence of our view: To make people more determined not to deviate from the way of Allah, to try to be perfect, to understand better the problems of simple people, to be close to people and to be far from solitude (which differs from other teachings of spiritual perfection). A complete person should not take this perfection with himself, but leave a part of it to his students.

Abstemiousness (temperance)

Abstemiousness is a second type of difficulties. It is considered a real path of spiritual perfection. A person who is on this way of spiritual perfection will be able to become a high standing Sufi.

As we believe, there are two kinds of people on the way of spiritual perfection. The first kind are the ones who are on this path, facing and standing the difficulties. These are Saints who are achieving the perfection through tolerance, or Sufi.

And the second kind are the ones who are into interpretation of this teaching the teaching of the perfection path, those who know this science quite well, those who are familiar with this teaching. To only hold the knowledge is not a sign of being Sufi.

Those who have stood real difficulties felt abstemiousness, continuously remembering Allah, those who have reached their strength and found their power are the real Sufis.

The essence of our view: To acquire the science of the spiritual perfection. To pass the way of difficulties and tolerance with dignity and to build ourselves only as complete people. A complete person deserves Allah’s power.

Divine knowledge and enlightenment or education

As it was already mentioned above, through hardships and the power granted by Allah the divine knowledge starts giving its fruit. Meaning that the person will finally be able to make divine miracles on the level of his knowledge, meaning that a Sufi as a reward for his endless hardships will become an owner of a real Laduniy science. He will start receiving invisible divine messages.

The essence of our view: Strong for hardships, first in tolerance, leading on the way of Allah.

Absolute love – truth

A person who has acquired the level of a Sufi receives the power from Allah and becomes his real lover. Sometimes, it is not even possible to make all the power go into the body and that makes the person lose his patience. Once he starts communicating with Allah, Subhanaka wa Taallah he, as a result, is able to melt in His power. This state is called complete union with the truth.

The essence of our view: To receive the divine power from Allah by doing good and clear deeds.

Practice and only practice

To be an owner of a vast knowledge, to write books, to speak correctly is only one side of the coin. The main point lies in practice. Any thought, philosophy, if it is not practiced, is only nonsense, not more. We see so many clever and knowing people who are lost in life and their life itself goes astray, what makes them lose their hope and themselves. They fall down and, looking at such people we think that in life, in society, in family, we need practice and only practice. This is the only decision which comes to our minds. The practice is a sign of non stopping and a road to perfection.

The essence of our view: Any positive thinking and science should be implemented into life, society, family and into a person.

I myself traveled the world looking for a divine knowledge. And I took the wise men of the path of spiritual perfection as my teachers. I did not only learn their magical inventions, but also tried to use and implement them into life using my own thoughts. I worked out some methods of implementation, which represent the “Fourteen steps towards perfection”.

What is the purpose of doing so?

The aim is to open new verges of Sufism. Actually, Sufism is an endless source. First of all, Allah has created a person as an endless source of endless opportunities, which is a fortune already. Only the strangest thing is that a person does not use these opportunities. And the reason is that he deals only with the problems of this world and forgets about the Only one. This brings a person to a spiritual blindness, and he forgets not only about himself, but also people around him.

Superiority of one country over another may have a negative impact on a belief of a person. The question arises: “When does this happen?”. Only when faith and belief are weak. If a weak belief is left under the influence of known powers, it turns into zombie.

The essence of our view: To refuse being zombie, to learn the secrets of holiness and through this bring a person to the top of a real perfection.

To do this, one should always be eager for perfection. Perfection does not only mean physical one, but also spiritual development and health. A person, who has put this two ways as his personal goals, does a saet of Sufi actions.

In what way is this set of rules connected with the science of the spiritual perfection?

This set of Sufi actions teaches a person the art of complete divine actions. There are fourteen points of power and strength in the body of a human being, and these are really strong once they are activated. After doing this one can collect divine power inside oneself and will become able to move, bend, lift, break things with the power of mind without touching things. And this state is the result of performing the actions of the set.

During many ages, Sufis used to act like hermits and always lived alone. Being free of external negative influences, the reason for their long lifeis their ability to create a great and strong immune system around themselves so that opposite powers are not able to influence them in any way. The set of Sufi actions increases such perfection and leads them towards immaculacy. In such a state, it is not really necessary to act as a hermit, it is possible to lead a normal life. We think that it is more appreciated if a person finds the power from the Only one and lives to serve his people. If one has achieved perfection, one becomes really careful, attentive and generous. One looks at the actions of both worlds from the same point of view. To be people’s servant is also a great deed in the eyes of Allah. Our deeds are of a human development, not technical, chemical, political or any other kind. Here, one mainly finds and invents oneself. One starts to understand what one really is capable of doing. There are people who can invent robots or send a device into space, and all these inventions are not internal, but external inventions. First, a person should invent and devise himself. Allah has given him endless opportunities. A human being put life into the iron and made it fly, and it flies with the help of that same iron. Why? Why is he poor himself? And that is the essence of the issue. The only reason is that a person does not work on himself, does not devise himself, as he can feel how complicated it is, so he starts looking for assistance from different objects.

What does a perfect person leave behind? Of course a perfect generation. One who always feels aspiration for perfection has a positive influence not only on his family, but on the people around him, he brings a benefit to society.

The view of our teaching is to lead a person towards complete perfection in any aspect, to bring out internal, spiritual, physiological and physical powers and to prepare them to serve society, the family and the most important to be ready for divine world.

Above we have touched upon a practical program called “Fourteen steps towards perfection”. Each step of this program aims at perfection. But what is perfection? How can it be achieved? What practices should we choose to achieve it in our lives?

We have to say that this road is not open for everyone. This road is given to people who continuously work on themselves, think, are eager and strong and who have good manners.

As Allah created us, he placed power points inside our body, made ourselves eager for food, knowledge and power. This means that perfection increases the level of knowledge, acting like giving a necessary thing to the necessary person in time, or filling the gap of the body with golden knowledge

Those who really want to take this path have to practice the following things:

  • Philosophy of Sufism

  • Life style of Sufism

  • Movements of Sufism (gymnastics)

  • Choreography of Sufism

  • Martial art of Sufism (duel)

  • System of remembrance in Sufism

  • Respiration in Sufism

  • Sufi calligraphy

  • Sufi Music

  • Literature and poetry in Sufism

  • Medicine in Sufism

  • The Koran in Sufism

  • Hidden science in Sufism

  • Cosmetology in Sufism

Of course, such systems do not exist in each road of spiritual perfection of Sufism. If we think logically, we will see that each path of perfection in Sufism has its own scientific views. Our view greatly differs from other paths or Sufi systems. We mentioned that Sufism is an endless source. Our ancestors created a great school in the past by teaching special sciences. As the thought of human kind developed and widened, such schools improved and became more complex. The generation coming after us may be able to create greater miracles in the world of spirituality. Any path in Sufism leads towards perfection and good deeds while using its own system and program.

And the only goal is to get the power of the Only and the Merciful Allah.



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