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The truth about Nursafardiy







The truth about Nursafardiy

Author: Shokir Ahrorov

Date of allocation: 2009-07-11

As our Motherland has gained its independence it entered the development stage and great, universal changes occurred on this sacred land. Along with these changes, the sciences of shariah and mysticism have widely opened opportunities in the world of Islam. By the resolutions of our President the University of Islam, which is based on religious and worldly sciences, was opened. The teachings of mysticism are shown a great respect and the burial places of our great Saints are being looked after.

Modern scientists are learning, studying, describing and implementing the life works, of historical thinkers who have added a great deal to the development of human thinking. Their place in the society and divine philosophies are being examined in detail. We have to note the praiseful work of such scientists like Najmiddin Komilov, Sayfitdin Sayfulloh, Ibrohim Haqqulov, Abdulaziz Mansur, Sultonmurod Olim, N.Rasulzoda, Sayfiddin Rafiddinov, Orif Usmanov in this field.

Of course, it is not possible to imagine a future without any past. The traditions of the past are immortal due to the continuation of divine philosophies. The science of mysticism is the divine science, the science of sacrificing on Allah’s path, the science of reaching His Beauty and love, the science of kindness and clearness, the science of perfection.

We will always be indebted to the great people, to the Saints of our Land, if we let the mysticism remain only in the history, if the continuous teachings, and the divine philosophies which are covered in such teachings full of kindness, do not come to existence again. If we do not lead the people of this land, the society towards the divinity, the love to the motherland, generosity, good behavior, fulfillment of the human obligations, the fulfillment of the worldly and religious tasks, towards the best qualities and to the perfection. We will be indebted to them forever. By the words of Sheikh Nursafardiy, such state will lead us to the slowing down of the thinking development.



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