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The informational power sources in Nursafardiyya teaching







The informational power sources in Nursafardiyya teaching

Author: Sheikh Nursafardiy

Date of allocation: 2009-08-18

When we hear the word source, we imagine richness and wealth, but we don’t even think that the core meaning of the word is the source of life power. We don’t think about the power source given to us by Allah - The Almighty, by our parents and surrounding nature. In fact, the life itself would not exist without these sources.

It is not about the sources of the wealth, valuables, jewelry, clothes we are talking about. Our aim is to talk about the sources, the essence of which is not understood by people yet. It is not going to be understood without the divine knowledge.

The main idea of this booklet is to show that there are not only the false sources which inspire us, bring us to a good mood, cheer us. We want to stop about the sources of power which people are still not aware of.

A person himself is an owner of an endless source. The core idea is to be able to understand it and to effectively implement this source in practice. Once a person is born, he starts feeding himself using different sources, whether he knows it or not. When he is not born yet, Allah in a given way creates him and enters him into the mother’s body by the means of special informational power. A baby develops in the womb of the mother during 7-10 months using the source of internal power.

Once the baby is born, and till he is three, he uses the power of Creator and the parents, thus being able to get his source of food. During this period of time inherited power, meaning the power of microflora (gut organisms), is the main power source.

Whether the first source given by God will further develop, or stop and as a result the person will grow on simple sources, totally depends on the person himself. Because The Great Allah has placed different power sources on the body of a man as beads and connected them together. The way these beads are used, effectively or not, totally depends on one’s sharpness, his desires and will.



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