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The divine philosophy of Nursafardiyya







The divine philosophy of Nursafardiyya

Author: Sheikh Nursafardiy

Date of allocation: 2009-07-24

In the essence of the philosophy lays life, society, system and at last people. A system without a philosophy takes us to the deadlock, brings out the problems and barriers, strengthens up the differences in views and at last bores a fight. Thus the philosophy slows down the negative processes and provides them to move to the positive side. Of course every person has its own philosophy of life. The only question is on what level is the philosophy.

If a system of the desired philosophic views does not comply with the desires of the society, family, it definitely will face some obstacles and bring out some difficulties. So the level of the philosophy should be increased and cleared up.

It is necessary to state that there is no life without a philosophy.

The highest philosophy is the philosophy of the Creator. This philosophy is a divine philosophy. In the basis of the divine philosophy lays the completeness of the thought. A Sufi who has an honor of reaching the source of the divine philosophy will be able to bring clearness into the essence of the Creator, into his philosophy of human beings. The Nursafardiyya teaching, which has such a philosophic system, aims to open the sources which are hidden for the crowd, but opened to it; to use the hidden knowledge of divinity and its philosophic system.

The second source – is an inner culture (common sense). This source lifts up the person on a more developed philosophic level using the information which is received from the divinity. As its fruit we may show such features of people like faith, accuracy, good behavior. A person without any inner culture (common sense) would not have any divinity. It is only possible to increase the life philosophy on a higher level through this source.

The third source – is the level of perfection. The higher the perfection level is in the body of a person, the more developed philosophy exists there. A complete and perfect person is honored to use the divine power source. Because of that he has an opportunity to get some information of divinity, to understand the philosophy of The Creator using the inspiration, and to be able to use it in everyday life, to develop it and to be able to create a new philosophy of life.

The fourth source – The knowledge of the teacher and the divine power. The philosophy of a teacher who has reached a high level, who searches and has his own conclusions based on his own experience, is considered to be very important. The reason for that is a real life experience. It would be more reasonable to create a new life philosophy depending on the experience, practice and knowledge of the teacher, not repeating his mistakes and developing the positive sides. The necessity of a teacher is clearly felt while acquiring the sources mentioned above.

Well, among such sources and philosophies, what is the basis for the Nursafardiyya Teaching and its own spiritual path?



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