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Nursafardiyya and the society







Nursafardiyya and the society

Author: Sheikh Nursafardiy

Date of allocation: 2009-08-13

Once a person comes into this world he starts forming his understanding basing on what nationality he has or which tribe he is from, his religion, where he comes from, his ancestors and customs. It is formed after he understands the basis for everything. Whether it is Islam or Christianity, or the representative of any other religion, the main aim of the believers is similar. The generation which comes from Odam Ato (Adam) and Momo Havo (Eve) can understand, accept, feel, imagine, and create in his mind. And this is the greatest gift given to humans by God.

Well, are people using this gift effectively? Do our life style, behavior, thinking, brains and thought comply with this gift? Any society is different from another. And they might be very different. Of course this depends on where this nationality comes from, its blood, customs and other features. Looking back into the history, we can notice that our Land, the land which was pointed out by the Creator, was full of scientists, the only in their kind, pure and unique saints. Our great ancestors lived on this sacred land washed by the divinity of thought, they worked and hugely implemented into the thought development of the world. Mysticism started blooming and developing mainly in IX - IV centuries. Considering this, we should notice that in the later five centuries the world of Sufism has lost its essence a bit. Any spring will find its way and start flowing again. And this is natural. The times will pass, but the divine powers will never loose themselves. The divine and sacred customs, which were deeply rooted in the blood veins of our ancestors, will no doubt be born again in the blood of our generation. And this is true. The time of comprehending oneself is connected with the freedom time, the freedom of the Nation. Keeping in mind the history, we can victim the fact where the one who is living in our society is reinventing himself, finding the way to his own heart, at the same time keeping the customs and traditions.

"The truth might bend, but it will never break". This saying is so true. Our nation was always well known among the countries of the world by being hardworking, generous, and hospitable, open hearted and kind. Though it was bent by many various attacks, unfair violation, unnecessary wars, but as any pain has its limits, our land has also found it sun, the sun of freedom, which is spreading its light onto the people of this sacred land. They have at last found the cure for the illness of close minded people. We will not be mistaken if we say that the people 3f our land have found themselves. The faith has bloomed in each heart and the shariah has rebuilt its power. Our traditions have returned. The cemeteries of our great saints, their buried places were covered in dust once, and now they are turned into the spiritual places for small pilgrimage for the people who have faith in his soul. Most of the works done during the years of independence in our country undoubtedly have played a great role in the development of Islamic world in the territory. Because it is impossible to imagine a society without a shariah in Islamic world. Shariah is not any kind of pressure; it is only the clear faith. It is up to the conscious of each person if he comes to the shariah and lives on its rules. All of us stand on the square of judgment for ourselves. While different people in the society waste their lives, thanks God, free people of the free land have turned towards the faith. It means that the ones, who are on the path of Allah have believed, cleared their souls and now their prayers are protecting the piece upon 3ur land.



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