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Just a piece of advice (words of wisdom)







Just a piece of advice (words of wisdom)

Author: Sheikh Nursafardiy

Date of allocation: 2009-08-14

My son, just know, that a clever person will sharpen his consciousness, and keep himself busy with the new knowledge. He never gives his heart to the beauty and inconstancy of the world. This place does not have a value of even your one breath, it does not worth this much, You keep going towards the right way, and look for the accomplishment in the eternity, as the kingdom of oblivion comes to existence from the breath of your soul.

My son, think, as Allah is giving you this great opportunity. Spread the beams of wisdom to them. Wake yourself up inside your own self. Let the light of the power shine in your soul and the pearls of the knowledge shine in your eyes. Lead yourself towards the divine world, as this world is the rest for the body and soul. Don't take trial as the pain, don't take the one who loves this world as a friend! Create the wall of wisdom in your mind and let the brilliant words give birth to the graceful feelings in others' souls. Become a Sultan of the difficulties in the world of trials, not to be left between eternity and perishability. If each your breath is taken with the name of Allah, the mirror of our soul will turn to words the divine world, your heart will be empowered by the holy power and you will come to know the secrets of unknown.

My son, just know that mankind is a miracle. And Satan is the one who made the miracle blind. And the one who does not free himself from his chains, will not taste the delight of eternity. Enjoyment of the perishable world is a mirage, those who seek help from it are beaten. There is a limit to the breath here, and the body is just a loan. The body is the product of the earth and the soul is the miracle of the divine feeling. If the spirit is in the cradle of the power, the divine world is its treasure house. A human being, which came from the One, should return to Him in a proper way.

My son, there are so many of those who have lost their way among the desires of life. The one who is able to win his own wishes, lust and desires is the one who possesses real health. What is the health? The beginning of the health is ablution and purification, it means to kindle the fire of faith using the sparks of conscience and mind. Light this fire so, that its flame burns away the evil deeds to ashes. Let the flame of faith, the flame of love, love to God, melt the frozen hearts of those who are around you.

Alas! Some have consciousness, but do not have thought. They know that they come from the One, but do not think that they are going back. They worry about this world, but do no think about the hereafter. Why? The reason is that consciousness can not pass the borders of the love for the worldly life and can not imagine the eternity. It just can not know the secrets of existing divine life.



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