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Qatron sufi school of perfection







Qatron sufi school of perfection

Author: Ulugbek Kushkarov

Date of allocation: 2009-08-15

As was shown by scientists, the deepest roots of progress and development lie in the territory that is now called Uzbekistan. This was shown by many treasures found by archaeologists in this land. Among them are the bones of the oldest person, found in the ossuary in Obirahmat. Interest in the cultural heritage and in the history of our land is still growing, and now scientists of other countries are also taking part. So we can surely say that our land has not only played a role in global progress and development but has provided its basis and is its cradle.

Why has this very place become one of the centres of development? The reason for this lies in its soil which is as luxuriant and sacred as gold and above all is watched by Allah. Also, our ancestors were a holy, clear and clean people, watched by Allah.

Avesta, a book written some thousand years ago, contains a complete set of the steps that lead to soul and body perfection. This book was accepted by the whole world as a holy book.

Most of us still do not know that in Asia, mainly in China, Buddhism was developed by our fellow countrymen from Samarkand and Karshi. And if we look at the history of Central Asia, especially of modern Uzbekistan, the development of science, culture and spirituality, makes us believe that it is one of Allah’s miracles. Let us look closer why this miracle has happened in the territory of our land. One reason is that the social changes in the middle ages made our ancestors to improve the economic and cultural connections with other countries. As a consequence handicraft and cultural centres, which already existed in our land, started to develop rapidly.

Our ancestors, mainly Saks and Turki, had different religions like Fire- worshipping, Buddhism, Christianity, Shamanism and so on. These different religions came to our country for various reasons: some because of a personal wish of the king, some due to carefully instructed missionaries sent to our land, and some as a result of wars. Of course these quick changes of the various religions have made their impact on the consciousness of our ancestors.



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