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Traditional national values and Qatron sufi school of perfection







Traditional national values and Qatron sufi school of perfection

Author: Sheikh Nursafardiy

Date of allocation: 2009-08-16

The Turk’s land is a sacred area, the motherland of great saints. It is said that it is this place where God has put his eye on. It is our duty to cherish the earth of this land, our national traditions and customs, to keep the historical treasures in such a clear state, that the future generation receives them with no changes. We owe it and this is our duty. Only a person who is physically healthy and mentally strong can have a warm feeling for his motherland and protect the mortal valuables. The protection of national traditions, opening of their new beautiful sides, their modernization and improvement is very important. And also, the fact that «Qatron Sufi School of Perfection» was established, is a necessary spiritual need for our land. This special place, which holds the worldly and the spiritual values in itself, means that the personal development rises much higher, and the development of thought develops on a high level. To keep and protect human features, national cultural aspects in their pure state, is the main aim in «Qatron Sufi School of Perfection». Fourteen courses of studies in the school, the source for theoretical and practical knowledge call the person only towards the perfection, and increase his divinity level to a higher stage.

This school, which has fulfilled the need of people was called «Qatron Sufi School of Perfecton». Why? Of course there are some special reasons for this. Qatron is a very rare type of tree. It mainly grows in mountain areas of Central Asia. The local population sees this tree as something truly divine. Meaning that while they respect it, they also make some special talismans or «chyotki» and believe that those have special power. The talisman is hung to nice places as protection against the «bad eye», given to outstanding children and especially also to strong horses and their masters, when they compete in the game of «kupkari». There are many different legends about the power and hidden features of these talismans. The Qatron tree is different from all other trees, because it never changes during four seasons, it is very beautiful and clean. It is easily noticeable even inside a thick bush, and this means that it holds a special energetic light, and photosynthesis feature. Whoever touches the Qatron tree can feel that he receives some new power inside himself. Thus the name of the school was carefully chosen. It should be our aim to become as strong and as spiritually powerful as the Qatron tree, and this should be the objective for every person.



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